• How long does it take for my hair extensions to ship? Processing is 2-4 business days. 
  • How many bundles should I order: 

    Recommended # of bundles:

    Partial Sew-in

    14”-18” 2 bundles | 20”-26” 3-4 bundles | 28” and above 5 bundles

    Full Head
    14”-18” 3 bundles | 20”-26” 4 bundles | 28” and above 5 bundles

  • How will my order be shipped? Via USPS Priority mail (2-3 business days)
  • How long will it take for my wig to ship? Processing is 3-8 business days
  • Do you accept returns? No. Due to sanitary and safety  reasons, we are unable to accept items back. It is unlikely to happen, but if any issues occur during your experience, all will be addressed directly by the Owner as quickly as possible.
  • Do you sell wholesale? Yes, we do! You can e-mail your inquires to info@henjahair.com 
  • How long will my hair last? Anywhere from 16+ months. The longevity of the hair is dependent upon the care provided by the client
  • What type of hair am I investing in? 100% Virgin hair. 12A+ grade. Hand and machine sewn wefts. Beautiful, luxurious, top quality hair selected from the best donors.



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