5 Wonderful Haircuts for Ladies with Round Faces

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*waves* I hope the winter is treating you all fairly since it's been a rough one so far. We tend to forget about our hair in the colder days. Style fly year-round ladies!


But anyways! On to the best haircuts for ladies with ROUND FACES (which is said to be the perfect shape!)


1. Mixed Length Layers

Adding mixed length layers avoids "boxing" of the face and keeps the beautiful round shape that you have.

Mixed length layers can also be considered "long layers" with a mix of shorter layers up top


2. Angled Bangs

Angled bangs are the opposite of what one may call a "Chinese bang". It is not blunt; it gradually gets longer as you get closer to the outside of your face.


3. Tapered Pixie Cut

With the "perfect" shape face, a pixie cut is PERFECT! Add edge and style to your hair by cutting it short and leaving a long dramatic bang


4. Long Barely There Layers

This one is pretty self explanatory. This look can be achieved with thinning shears. [A professional is highly recommended]


5. Side-Swept Bang

This is a go to cut for not just round faced individuals, but for everyone. If you are comfortable with adding layers to your hair and just want to switch it up a bit, the side bang is perfect.

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